What is the Best Occupational Therapy Setting for You?

Not sure which setting will work best for you as a new OT? Been practicing for years, but need a reset to the basics? Take our quiz and find out which occupational therapy setting is the best for you!

NewGradOccupationalTherapy.com has created this assessment to help you determine what occupational therapy setting is best for your career, given your current set of circumstances.

Ready to get started?

One of the many reasons why occupational therapy makes such a great career is the fact that there are almost limitless settings in which we can practice. Depending on our strengths, interests, and phases of life, we might choose to work in one setting for many years, then try something entirely new. Or, we might want to opt for a flexible role from the get-go, where every day is different. The beauty of OT is that we can literally do anything; all we have to do is shift gears and put on our learning caps!

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About Dominic Lloyd-Randolfi

Dominic Lloyd-Randolfi
Dominic Lloyd-Randolfi is the Publication Director of NewGradOccupationalTherapy.com. He recently graduated from MGH Institute of Health Professions with his doctorate in occupational therapy and works as an acute care OT.


  1. Devin Diedrich

    Hi Dom! I (finally) took this quiz for the first time, and it’s crazy how accurate it was; It suggested a path I was already looking into! It’s nice to have that extra bit of validation in direction as I look towards job applications after graduating this May. Will definitely be sharing this with fellow classmates and friends as a fun tool… Thanks!

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