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6 Tips for the Night Before the NBCOT

6 Tips For The Night Before The NBCOT

It’s the night before the NBCOT and you have been cramming developmental milestones and spinal cord levels all week. While you’re certainly busy stuffing your brain with the last bits of information, the night before the NBCOT should be all about taking care of yourself. That doesn’t mean not looking …

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How To Crush The NBCOT

The NBCOT awaits us all after graduating from OT school. Unfortunately, OT registration and licensure is not simple or linear. It can be difficult to navigate the process of the NBCOT let alone prepare and successfully pass it! In this YouTube Live, Dominic, Devin, and OT Miri answered your questions, …

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Sensory Systems: OT Ideas for Identification and Modulation

Sensory diet modification and regulation

In the clinic and school-based setting, each patient and child we see is different. Individuals come to occupational therapy with a different set of experiences, perspectives, and even sensory systems functioning when compared to others. This is why I like occupational therapy. You may recall the discussion about sensory experiences …

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My First Week in a Private School Setting

school-based OT

I ended up working at a small specialized private school soon after getting my graduate degree last year. The school has a high staff to student ratio and is heavily focused on pragmatic and social learning. I have access to basketball courts, standardized assessments, continuing education opportunities, and many other …

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