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Sensory Systems: OT Ideas for Identification and Modulation

Sensory diet modification and regulation

In the clinic and school-based setting, each patient and child we see is different. Individuals come to occupational therapy with a different set of experiences, perspectives, and even sensory systems functioning when compared to others. This is why I like occupational therapy. You may recall the discussion about sensory experiences …

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My First Week in a Private School Setting

school-based OT

I ended up working at a small specialized private school soon after getting my graduate degree last year. The school has a high staff to student ratio and is heavily focused on pragmatic and social learning. I have access to basketball courts, standardized assessments, continuing education opportunities, and many other …

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6 Awesome Tips for Your First OT Job

After one month in to the game, the nerves of your first OT job will settle. There’s a lot to be nervous about when starting your first job but give yourself credit because you know a lot! You survived your Fieldwork and yet, there is more responsibility now that you have …

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