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The OT Student’s Guide to Summer Break!

Summer break. The two words we wait for all year. A time for renewal, relaxation, and a step closer to becoming an OT.  Some OT programs allow a 2-3 break before delving back into more coursework or clinical work. Others offer a full, 3-month break! Regardless of how long your …

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OT Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow!

Staying connected to prominent occupational therapists and organizations is easy using social media and OT Twitter accounts. Twitter provides a simple and efficient platform for OTs and therapy organizations to provide concise, informative, and thought-provoking therapy information. For those of you who, like myself, have been living under a rock …

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Leveraging Connections as a New Occupational Therapist

Leveraging occupational therapy connections

For new OTs, the idea of building your professional brand can be daunting enough. Starting your own practice can seem unfathomable at times. However, building a caseload and finding reliable referral sources depend primarily on your willingness to put yourself out there as an expert in the field. They also …

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