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Road Map to OT Registration and Licensure

OT Registration and Licensure

The path of OT registration and licensure is not simple or linear. With all the stress surrounding graduation and studying for the NBCOT, it can be hard to discern the process of the NBCOT. That is why we have created a resource (roadmap) to your OT registration and licensure. Down below …

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The OT Alphabet Soup: Occupational Therapy Credentials

Have you ever wondered what all of those occupational therapy credentials behind a signature stood for? Well, we are going to break it down for you. With the amazing, ever-growing, expansive field of occupational therapy, there are many routes to take. Often times, occupational therapy credentials and certifications demonstrate an …

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5 Simple Hacks for Passing the NBCOT

It seems to start with “if only I could get into grad school.” However, the short-lived celebration turns into “I hope I can graduate.” It’s exciting to graduate, except there’s the barrier of the NBCOT test, exponentially multiplied by the anxiety of finding and starting a new job. The good news is, …

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Here is How I Passed the NBCOT


When I think of the NBCOT, two distinct thoughts come to mind: 1) The fear and stress of studying for the NBCOT exam and 2) The aftermath of feeling excited and thankful for passing the NBCOT Passing the NBCOT was a crucial point in my occupational therapy career. The experience of studying …

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