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Top 5 Considerations for Your First Early Intervention OT Job

You’ve just graduated and passed the NBCOT (YAY!), and now it’s time to find your first early intervention OT job! You want to work in pediatrics, but where to start? Positions in different settings can provide different benefits and challenges. This article outlines some important considerations for the early intervention (EI) setting …

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The Rural Opportunity for Occupational Therapists

As you achieve your professional degree and look back on the years spent studying the theory and practice of occupational therapy, you may be eager to focus on a specialty straight away. Before setting yourself on a path that could box you into neuro, acute rehab or another area, consider …

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Travel Therapy for Occupational Therapists

Taking your time before jumping into travel therapy after graduating is an excellent idea. Travel therapy is a great experience for the obvious two key reasons. Jumping right into travel therapy as a new graduate is not for everybody. I’m not saying it’s the worst thing, but I think working …

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19 Power Words for Your Occupational Therapy Resume

When you’re applying for your first occupational therapy position, you’re going to want your resume to sell you. That piece of paper needs to showcase your finest fieldwork moments and highlight your strongest attributes. Part of the art of creating a strong occupational therapy resume lies in your selection of …

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