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A Pre-OT’s Guide to Observation Hours

OT observation hours

So, you’ve decided you want to become an occupational therapist, and have begun applying for programs. But somewhere between typing your transcript into OTCAS and crafting that perfect personal statement, you’ve stumbled upon the phrase “observation hours.” If you’ve come across those words and found yourself stuck there, I have …

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10 Tips for Undergraduates Choosing Occupational Therapy

Choosing occupational therapy can be intimidating. Many of those choosing occupational therapy have decided to do so after several career changes or switching majors along the way. You may not have even heard of occupational therapy before going to college. With that said, programs are becoming increasingly competitive and it may seem …

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3 Tips for Applying to OT School

Applying to OT school is not easy. It can seem like a time of constant self-doubt and worry. Here at NGOT, we want to help you become the best OT you can be, starting right at the application process! Check out these 3 tips to help those of you applying to …

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Top 6 Reasons to be an Occupational Therapist

These are my top six reasons to be an occupational therapist: Occupational therapy is a rewarding profession and career choice. Most of us have a story as to why we chose to study occupational therapy; however, many of us don’t acknowledge all the additional reasons as to why occupational therapy is such …

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