Leah Eisig shares tips for passing the NBCOT on the first try.

Here is How I Passed the NBCOT

When I think of the NBCOT, two distinct thoughts come to mind:

1) The fear and stress of studying for the NBCOT exam and
2) The aftermath of feeling excited and thankful for passing the NBCOT

Passing the NBCOT was a crucial point in my occupational therapy career. The experience of studying for the NBCOT exam, then successfully passing it, helped me bridge the gap between being an occupational therapy student to a registered occupational therapist.

Furthermore, passing the exam was the light at the end of the tunnel, granting me the ability to officially start the dream of enjoying my rewarding career. Looking back, I can say that all my hard work and dedication had paid off.

In this article I will discuss:

  • Life After Graduation – Actions to take after graduating to ensure passing the NBCOT
  • Study Tips
  • Resources to help pass the exam
  • Weekly study breakdown ( 8 Weeks total)
  • What to do after you pass your exam (besides celebrate)

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About Leah Eisig

Leah Eisig


  1. Rachel Mendoza

    Congratulations! thank you for your tips!!!

    Good Luck finding a job!

  2. Anthony Samosvatoff

    Thank you Leah, that was extremely helpful do you mind if I ask you more questions if not please friend me on Facebook my name is Anthony Samosvatoff and once again thank you.

  3. Jacqueline Macias

    I’m a current student. Do you need your textbooks to help study for this exam? I’m wondering if it’s worth it to buy my textbooks or to rent them.

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