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How to Be Occupation-Based in Acute Care OT

Occupation-based therapy in acute care ot

We all learned intervention ideas in occupational therapy school. We heard all the research. But once you get into practice, being occupation-based is a little harder to achieve with productivity standards, patient diagnoses, and different settings we may be working in. I’ll be discussing how I’ve been able to achieve …

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Sensory Systems: OT Ideas for Identification and Modulation

Sensory diet modification and regulation

In the clinic and school-based setting, each patient and child we see is different. Individuals come to occupational therapy with a different set of experiences, perspectives, and even sensory systems functioning when compared to others. This is why I like occupational therapy. You may recall the discussion about sensory experiences …

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Mindfulness and Occupational Therapy: Your New Secret Power

Mindfulness and occupational therapy

Mindfulness is the latest buzzword in health and wellness. You may have noted its increased appearance in blogs or newspapers, noticed a Mindful magazine at the grocery store checkout, or recalled your general practitioner mentioning it at your last health check-up. Mindfulness and occupational therapy can go hand in hand. …

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5 Reasons OTs Make the Best Hand Therapists

hand therapists

Hand therapists are leading the charge in terms of functional return of the upper extremity. When it comes to hand therapists, who better than OTs to evaluate, treat, and train clients with upper extremity injuries? In the bustling field of orthopedics, occupational therapists are claiming their rightful niche. It was …

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4 OT Outcome Measures You Didn’t Learn in School

OT outcome measures

OT outcome measures are crucial to your clinical success. Measuring outcomes is a very important part of occupational therapy practice. OT outcome measures are used to determine value and effectiveness of treatment in therapy. These measures are often completed at the start of therapy to determine baseline function and then …

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Iontophoresis and Phonophoresis: Basics for OT

iontophoresis and phonophoresis

Iontophoresis and phonophoresis are intervention options therapists use to treat several different physical conditions. Physical agent modalities (PAMs) include superficial modalities such as thermotherapy and cryotherapy, and deep modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and the application of topical medications. The two forms of topical medication application include iontophoresis and …

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