How to Be Occupation-Based in Acute Care OT

Occupation-based therapy in acute care ot

We all learned intervention ideas in occupational therapy school. We heard all the research. But once you get into practice, being occupation-based is a little harder to achieve with productivity standards, patient diagnoses, and different settings we may be working in. I’ll be discussing how I’ve been able to achieve …

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Sensory Systems: OT Ideas for Identification and Modulation

Sensory diet modification and regulation

In the clinic and school-based setting, each patient and child we see is different. Individuals come to occupational therapy with a different set of experiences, perspectives, and even sensory systems functioning when compared to others. This is why I like occupational therapy. You may recall the discussion about sensory experiences …

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Mindfulness and Occupational Therapy: Your New Secret Power

Mindfulness and occupational therapy

Mindfulness is the latest buzzword in health and wellness. You may have noted its increased appearance in blogs or newspapers, noticed a Mindful magazine at the grocery store checkout, or recalled your general practitioner mentioning it at your last health check-up. Mindfulness and occupational therapy can go hand in hand. …

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