7 Tips for Reducing Occupational Therapy Patient Anxiety

7 tips for reducing occupational therapy patient anxiety

Stress is a physical or psychological factor that causes tension in the body. Anxiety is emotions or behaviors produced by perceived threat. Both are all too common symptoms of this fast paced, high expectation society in which we live. Common universal stressors in the United States today include money, family, …

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The OT’s Role In Treating Childhood Trauma

The OT's role in treating childhood trauma

In OT school, you likely learned about physical trauma, from polytraumas sustained from an explosion on the battlefield, or the physical forces behind a traumatic brain injury. However, there are other kinds of trauma, resulting from different types of events than physical traumas. Psychological trauma can have long-lasting harmful effects …

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10 Must-Have Dollar Deal Pediatric OT Tools

10 must have dollar deal pediatric ot tools

Rock Star Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practitioners are often on a VERY limited budget. Budget-friendly pediatric OT tools that work on multiple areas are a great investment. And my favorite spot to get them? THE DOLLAR STORE! The Dollar Tree, 5 Below, or the “budget’ section of Walmart, Target, etc. are …

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