Meet Cara Koscinski, the PocketOT

cara koscinski pocket ot interview

Where did you go to school? I received my master’s degree at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. I’m attending Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions for my Doctorate degree. How did you discover OT? Have you always wanted to be an OT? As a Junior in high school, I volunteered at …

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My First Week in a Private School Setting

school-based OT

I ended up working at a small specialized private school soon after getting my graduate degree last year. The school has a high staff to student ratio and is heavily focused on pragmatic and social learning. I have access to basketball courts, standardized assessments, continuing education opportunities, and many other …

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The Good and Bad of Acute Inpatient Rehab

acute inpatient rehab

So you’re thinking about becoming an acute inpatient rehab OT? Newly graduated, in the midst of studying for the NBCOT, and on the pursuit of applying for a plethora of OT jobs: sound familiar? There are so many settings from which to choose: outpatient ortho, home health, acute inpatient rehab …

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